Friday, January 28, 2011

Scale template for SFE's Analog Power Meter

When I first saw the Analog Power Meters (Current & Voltage) on a recent SparkFun Thursday product post, my first thought was that it would be very neat if it was possible to make a scale template for the meter. As it turns out, it is! There is a few different formats for the template linked below. (PDF, PNG, XCF) But first, a few pictures on how to install this template.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Altoids tin field soldering kit

Perhaps this has happened to you. You are down at the R/C track/flying field and you discover that one of your battery leads has come undone and you have no way of fixing it. If only you had a Altoids tin field soldering kit!! Well you may not fly R/C airplanes/helicopters/quadcopters or drive R/C cars, but having an Altoids tin field soldering kit can be useful in many more situations than can be listed here. (Just think what MacGyver could do with it!) One unique feature that the Altoids tin field soldering kit has is a built in helping hand.

- Difficulty Level: Beginner

RFID Shield for the Arduino

Have you wanted to experiment with RFID? (Radio Frequency IDentification) Perhaps you would just like to have a shield for your RFID Reader? Maybe you would like to test different RFID Readers in the ID series? If any of the answers to those questions are true, this is the tutorial for you!

- Difficulty Level: Beginner (Experience soldering to a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is STRONGLY recommended)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Blinkie LED Guy

Haven't you always wanted a blinking friend that is powered by a USB port? Ok maybe not, but the Blinkie LED Guy is a fun project none the less. This is good for someone who can solder in a small footprint (PCB or Dead bug). The Blinkie LED Guy is a different use of an astable 555 Timer circuit and make a nice gift. Building instructions are after the break.

- Difficulty Level: Beginner - Intermediate (You need to be comfortable soldering in a small footprint. If you are not comfortable, find someone to help you out)